We really need to do something about these guns flying off the shelf and committing crimes. Not to mention the cars who keep committing robberies and drive-by shootings and the phones that keep hacking themselves.

If only all this technology didn’t exist, there would be peace in Los Angeles.

Thirty-four people were shot in Los Angeles last week, a bloody spike in what is already shaping up to be a violent month and year in the City of Angels, according to authorities.

Could it be the fault of the criminals? Or the fault of DA Gascon and other woke enablers of crime who decided to break the criminal justice system because criminals were really the victims?

No friends, it’s the fault of the wicked guns who made them do it.

The bulk of the shootings — 23 — of them occurred in a “remarkably small area” of the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street and Southeast divisions, Chief Michel Moore told the Los Angeles Police Commission Tuesday. Moore called last week a “troubling week,” in a year when violent crime has increased 7.1% year-to-date.

I wonder who might possibly live in that “remarkably small area” where all the shootings take place and whether they might be responsible for them?

“The problem that we have throughout Los Angeles is too many guns in too many hands,” Moore said, reiterating a belief he frequently shares with the commission.

There are too many guns throughout Los Angeles and yet the shootings keep happening in a “remarkably small area”.

It’s almost as if the shootings are about the people, not the guns.

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