Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz’s Twitter page is apparently excluded from a popular internet archive Wayback Machine. 

The columnist came under fire this week for exposing the identity and personal work details of the person running the anonymous social media account Libs of TikTok. Fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy of that move as Lorenz just did an interview complaining about online harassment, especially for women. 

CNS News editor Rob Shimshock drew attention to the archive discrepancy on Twitter. “Taylor Lorenz’s Twitter feed has been ‘excluded’ from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine,” he revealed. “Internet Archive’s stated mission is to ‘provide universal access to all knowledge.’”

When users search for Lorenz’s Twitter page on the site, they receive the message, “Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”

Meanwhile, the Libs of TikTok Twitter page is available on their site.

According to CNS News, as of November 10, 2020, Lorenz had shared more than 16,800 tweets but only has 3,500 on her Twitter page, which could indicate she deleted the majority of her old posts. 

Internet Archive’s stated mission is to “provide universal access to all knowledge.” The site also says people “can send an email request for us to review to with the URL (web address) in the text of your message” to be excluded from the site. It’s unclear if Lorenz took those actions to have her Twitter omitted from the archive.

Users were able to find the original version of the Post article that included links to personal details using Wayback Machine. Later, Bezos’ publication removed those links after getting called out for endangering a private citizen.

“Taylor Lorenz is a diligent and accomplished journalist whose reporting methods comport entirely with the Washington Post’s professional standards,” Cameron Barr, senior managing editor at the Post said in a statement on Tuesday. She went on to claim the paper “did not publish or link to any details about [the creator’s] personal life.” Wayback Machine helped users see that the original article linked to information about her real estate license which was registered to a specific address. 

The Post came under fire for their hit piece on Libs of TikTok, which accused the account of, “secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine.” The account reposts publicly available videos that users often have shared themselves. Lorenz insisted, however, that the creator promoted “anti-LGBTQ content” and even that they were responsible for helping influence government policy, including the Parental Rights in Education Bill in Florida.

Fans on Twitter were quick to defend Libs of TikTok and slam Lorenz for the article. They questioned the motives that led her to write the article in the first place.

“This is the truth. All this account does is amplify left wing voices. That’s it. And the regime media wants to shut it down,” Mike Cernovich shared.

“So, why is WaPo doxxing @LibsofTikTok? Why isn’t the left proud of what they’ve done to the people she’s exposed? Are they homophobic? Transphobic? Ashamed of kiddie groomers they’ve created? The truth: It’s all because they want to hide the damage they’re doing to America,” Kyle Becker wrote.

After the piece came out, the Libs of TikTok founder provided an update on her safety after having her personal information revealed to the entire internet.

“Words cannot express how appreciative I am of the support I’m receiving right now. Thankfully I’m currently holed up in a safe location. I’m confident we will get through this and come out even stronger. Grateful for all the thoughts and prayers ❤️,” she shared on Twitter.

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