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After the recent allegations by Dr Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters about snake venom being the root of covid and in the “vaccines,” I knew that I had to have Karen Kingston on The Jeff Dornik Show to help us understand the science behind these claims and whether there’s any validity to them. Surprisingly, the most shocking aspect of this interview wasn’t the confirmation that snake venom has been synthesized and used in both COV-2 and the supposed vax.

What we discovered during this interview is that everything we know about covid and the vaccines are false. This interview will turn your understanding of what’s going on upside-down, forcing you to re-evaluate everything you thought you knew.

According to Kingston, the mRNA does not create the bioweapon spike protein. Instead, this may have been designed as a cover for the even more sinister genocidal plot. During this episode, she explained:

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“We were all lied to. And think about this from a legal strategy, which is that eventually they’re thinking, ‘What if we do get caught? We’re the bad guys, and what if we get caught? Ok, let’s tell everyone that the mRNA produces the spike protein because if every lawyer goes into the courtroom saying that people were injected with the mRNA that then produces the spike protein and that spike protein isn’t in and of itself the bioweapon, but what we actually did is just inject them with the bioweapon directly and the negative reaction they got was completely wrong.’”

Think about the significance of what she just said. The spike protein that is created by the mRNA injected into millions of people around the world is not the bioweapon. If Big Pharma was ever challenged on this, they could respond truthfully that the spike protein produced by the mRNA is not what is killing people and have plausible deniability from the charges based upon that assumption.

I can see your head still spinning from this, so I’ll allow Karen to explain what’s actually going on here:

“Some are arguing that you’re injecting with the mRNA, the mRNA is producing the bioweapon. Based on everything that I’ve read on mRNA and the production of spike protein, I’d be like, ‘What are you talking about?’ mRNA is very unstable. It’s unlikely that it could hijack the cells.

“Fine, let’s say it does hijack the cells, when it does produce the spike protein, the spike protein is unstable, can fold on itself and disappear and is usually eliminated from the body within 48-72 hours, so how are you calling this a bioweapon? And that would be very confusing to a judge or a jury because the science proves what I just said, and no-one said, ‘we’re going to inject with you the bioweapon directly, the spike protein directly.”’

Let me summarize briefly: The bioweapon is not the spike protein that is produced by the mRNA. Instead, they are injecting unsuspecting victims directly with the bioweapon spike protein. So what is the spike protein that they are injecting into everybody?

“The spike protein is also not a spike protein,” Kingston explained. “It’s a synthetic manmade chemical weapon of biowarfare, that’s what it is. People are injected with a bioweapon, that’s why it doesn’t clear out of their body.”

The spike protein produced by the mRNA does not stay in your body. It’s unstable and is usually eliminated from your body within 2-3 days. The spike proteins that stay in your body are more than likely what is being injected directly into your body.

To further support this claim that the bioweapon is injected directly into the victims (the vaxxed) is that the spike protein has its own patent, which is not only unusual, but not normally allowed to happen, as that would be patenting a small portion of the full sequence of the virus that causes covid. Kingston explained that this would be like patenting just a couple letters out of the entire alphabet.

What could be the reason to patent just the spike protein? Could it be that it is not simply taken out of the entire sequence from Cov-2, but created in a lab and turned into a bioweapon to be injected directly into the bodies of victims while they are getting vaxxed, at the same time as injecting mRNA technology?

I understand that this is a complex claim, but it’s important to understand. Virtually everything that we have come to know and understand about how the vaccines work are being turned on its head with this new revelation. It’s going to be difficult to get the masses to understand this truth, and Kingston explains why:

“We’ve been lied to so strategically and manipulated that it’s difficult to get the story straight, and it’s difficult when you read the words from the scientists and the government’s own documents. It’s hard for people to even process the words because their belief system has been programmed to the exact opposite of the truth, and no-one wants to believe that they are injected with a bioweapon.”

Folks, the bioweapon is not created by mRNA. It’s a synthetic manmade chemical weapon of biowarfare being directly injected into millions of people around the world.

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