You know that border crisis that isn’t happening? Well, we have good news: people aren’t dying at the border, either.

That’s what the Biden administration will tell you, at least. But if you’re willing to get your news from people who don’t have a vested interest in keeping the wool pulled over your eyes, you’ll find that the crisis is still very much a crisis — and that it’s getting worse all the time.

Will the people who screamed about kids in cages be holding any candlelight vigils for the dead soldier? Or will they find a way to suggest he had it coming to him, because he was evil just like those awful mounted Border Patrol agents who whipped those Haitian migrants (despite the fact that they didn’t actually do that at all)?

Obviously until further reporting comes out, we don’t know every detail of the circumstances surrounding the soldier’s death. But it does seem reasonable to conclude that this shouldn’t’ve happened. Migrants shouldn’t be lining up in droves to attempt to illegally cross our southern border because they’ve been led to believe by our government that that’s OK.



Bill Melugin marks the six-month anniversary of the DHS investigation into those Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian migrants

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