Former President Barack Obama’s been off on a big anti-“disinformation” crusade lately. We felt compelled to put “disinformation” in quotes, because “disinformation” seems to mean something quite different to Mr. Lie of the Year than it does to us.

“Disinformation” also means something different to Barack Obama than it does to conservative author and commentator John Hayward. In another of his trademark fantastic threads, Hayward tackles one of — if not the most — flagrant examples of actual, genuine disinformation that’s currently out there: the mainstream media and Left’s systematic campaign to smear parents who are against the idea of teachers “educating” children about sexuality and gender identity in school as bigoted, knuckle-dragging monsters:

And what these media outlets don’t seem to realize is that more and more people are onto them about what’s going on. Expect lots more CNN+-es to crash and burn if this garbage keeps up.



John Hayward’s latest must-read thread hits our major institutions for playing with fire and feigning shock at getting burned by fed-up Americans

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