I recently noted that the crime surge in California from organized gangs has gotten so bad that various types of robberies have begun getting fun, new designations.

Take, for instance, “smash and grab” robberies. One member of the “horde” smashes into the store, while the rest of the pack swoops in to pillage and run.

But “smash and grab” is not confined to California, as there is a report of a dramatic incident in Ohio in which over $100,000 was stolen.

A horde of thieves stole ‘every item on the showroom floor’ of a Louis Vuitton store in Ohio on Wednesday, making off with more than $140,000 in merchandise in just minutes.

Shortly after 3 pm, eight to 10 people clad in ski masks and gloves were dropped off at the entrance to the Kenwood Towne Centre in Kenwood, Ohio, according to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

They could be seen pushing past store employees to get inside on surveillance footage stills, which have been shared by investigators.

The swarm then stole nearly every piece of merchandise in a matter of minutes, before piling into a dark gray Dodge Durango SUV and a black sedan and peeling away.

The two vehicles were last seen on northbound 1-71, the department said.

More details of the incident are in the following video.

Meanwhile, in California, the “smash and grab” robberies continue in the Los Angeles County area (where District Attorney Gascon’s criminal-friendly policies make the region lawless).

Police are on the hunt for a pair of smash-and-grab robbers they say stole items from a jewelry store in California on Friday night.

The incident was reported just before 7 p.m. at a Kay Jewelers in the Brea Mall, about 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, police said.

The male suspects used hammers to break display cases at the jewelry store before they stole merchandise and fled the scene, the Brea Police Department tweeted.

…Police posted a photo of the suspects on Twitter, who they described as two Black males in their late teens or early 20s, weighing 170 to 180 pounds. Police said they are between 5 feet 9 inches tall to 6 feet tall.

Additionally, a new “follow home” robbery incident is being reported in Beverly Hills.

The criminals spotted the four victims as they exited a Beverly Grove restaurant at about 1:30 a.m. and proceeded to follow their vehicle in an SUV. Once the diners returned to their rental property on the 2400 block of Coldwater Canyon Drive in Beverly Crest, they were confronted by the suspects and forced inside at gunpoint—with one suspect holding a rifle while the other two were armed with handguns, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Chris Marsden told KTLA.

“They were forced to give over their jewelry. They were also forced inside the home, which is very alarming,” Marsden said.

On the drive back from the restaurant, the group suspected they were being followed, and even passed their residence and made a U-turn before pulling up to the home, but were confronted moments later.

“They did notice a car behind them as they were coming up the canyon,” Marsden told the station.

The victims were forced to lay on the floor while the robbers ransacked the property, robbing them of jewelry, handbags, luxury watches and designer clothing, having already stolen the cash and belongings they had on them in the driveway, for a takeaway total of roughly $75,000, Fox11 reports.

I never thought I would reporting about criminal hordes sacking and pillaging in the great cities of the United States, but here we are.


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