Since the advent of Black Lives Matter in the mid-2010s and especially since the organization went front and center in 2020, corporations have fallen head over heels for BLM.

It’s an easy way for corporations to virtue-signal, and there’s plenty of pressure on companies to show their support or face accusations of racism, true or not.

Corporations have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker, but there’s a movement afoot to call on companies to back away from Black Lives Matter. A group of black clergy leaders approached some corporate headquarters in Atlanta this week, urging them to distance themselves from BLM.

“Concerned Communities for America, a non-profit led by Black clergy, delivered a pledge for signing to the headquarters of Papa John’s Pizza and Coca Cola in Atlanta on Wednesday to renounce BLM’s charity operation and the movement’s push to defund police,” reports ADN America. “The pledge asks the corporations to renounce their past support and donations to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which has been embroiled in scandals over the use of donations for lavish personal expenses.”

Leaders of this non-profit seek to make corporations aware of the difference between the sentiment that “black lives matter,” which everyone except ardent racists can get behind, and the organization Black Lives Matter, which promotes Marxism while its leaders live high on the hog and waste donors’ money.

“Woke corporations in their misguided financial support for BLMGNF have failed Black America and the movement but supporting Marxism, and anarchy on the streets and in our communities,” said DaQuawn Bruce, CCA’s executive director. “Our hope is to educate them on how they might support the communities in which they operate while uplifting those who swear to serve and protect.”

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Public safety is a key tenet of what CCA is promoting, and in a city like Atlanta where woke leadership has contributed to a crime wave, business leaders are aware of the importance of a secure metro area.

Bruce LaVell, a businessman and Trump acolyte who is also running for Congress in Georgia’s 6th district, which covers a suburban area north of Atlanta, agrees.

“Never in my wildest dream that I’d ever think that I would be having a conversation about defund the police and some of these great companies, who funded BLM for the sake of defunding the police,” LaVell told reporters. “And I was scratching my head, like, does anyone realize that in order for great economic returns or good communities, you have to have good public safety?”

Other leaders are emphasizing the financial corruption that’s rife in the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation.

“For these people, black lives don’t matter. Mansions matter,” stated Marc Little, pastor and founder of another non-profit, Cure America Action.

Concerned Communities for America was planning on delivering pledges to more corporate headquarters later in the week. The efforts of these pastors may not make a difference for any of these corporations, but at least they’re making their voices heard, which is more than BLM has done for anybody.

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