We’ve given it some thought, and with his new comedy stylings on Twitter, we believe Rep. Eric Swalwell actually thinks he’s as witty as he thought he was likely to be elected president. This guy actually thought he could win the Democratic nomination — now he’s a Twitter troll whose shtick is calling other people Twitter trolls. His deep thoughts make David Hogg look like a Harvard student. What is this?

That’s OK, AP, just keep calling it the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

What’s better? “Attacking” gay people or “killing Mickey Mouse”? Yeah, no chance Walt Disney World survives this.

We just did a post on how conservatives are still arguing back and forth over whether stripping Walt Disney World of its self-governing status was the right thing to do … and of course liberals like Swalwell come along and say we’re “killing Mickey Mouse” because that’s all they are and all they know.


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