Here we have Fox News’ media reporter, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, filling us in on CNN+’s media reporter, Brian Stelter, and his “Reliable Sources” podcast (which we didn’t know existed … he’s got a Sunday “Reliable Sources” show, a CNN+ “Reliable Sources Daily” streaming show, a Reliable Sources newsletter, and a Reliable Sources podcast too).

Wulfsohn’s story at Fox News reviewing Taylor Lorenz’s appearance on Stelter’s podcast is worth a read. As usual, Stelter lets his guest get away with saying just about anything without any pushback — almost. He practically confronted her on the scrubbed link.

OK, that’s totally bogus. When the Washington Post’s senior managing editor released a statement defending Lorenz’s reporting, she declared that “we did not publish or link to any details about her personal life.” As several people noted, the Post stealth-edited Lorenz’s piece to remove the link to the real estate license without an explanation or editor’s note. When pressed on the scrubbing of the link by Wulfsohn, the Post said that “Ultimately, we deemed it unnecessary.” You mean, after you were called out. Even a woman who shared the same name reported getting death threats. But Lorenz insisted to Stelter that certainly, the Post didn’t send any hate in her direction.

Wulfsohn writes:

She rejected the notion that she had “doxxed” Libs of TikTok, claiming the term has been “devalued” and has become a “buzzword of right-wing media.” She then defined the term “doxxing” as “revealing highly, highly personal nonpublic information with a goal of harassment or sort of destroying someone’s life.”

“We absolutely did not reveal any personal information about this woman at all, remotely,” Lorenz asserted despite how her story listed Libs of TikTok’s name, occupation, religion, and where in the country she lived. “And, you know, I know that sometimes reporting practices can seem foreign to people that aren’t familiar with journalism, but this was very by the book and very benign… We didn’t reveal anything personal and certainly, you know, not directing any kind of hate towards her.”

Stelter then asked Lorenz about the link that was included in her story exposing personal information, including her address, which was later removed by the Post following intense online backlash.

“That’s just false. That’s just patently false,” Lorenz claimed.

“So what was the link to?” Stelter asked.

“I don’t know,” Lorenz responded. “I think maybe it’s an open government database? But absolutely nothing personal – maybe like an old- I don’t know… but I just know that I went through that whole story myself. And there was nothing personal, and I know this woman’s personal information. It’s not even remotely.”

What was the link to? “I don’t know,” said the “accomplished” journalist.

The Left post insane videos to the public forum TikTok and don’t want scrutiny, just views and likes.

That’s just what the clowns exposed on Libs of Tik Tok say — they were “misrepresented” out of context.

Your stories suck.


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