Imagine working for Obama and thinking you have ANY business lecturing ANYONE ELSE about regulating private life. LOL

We get it, like his former boss, Jon Favreau’s self-awareness is severely lacking. Case in point:

It’s interesting how so many people on the Left are either really dense and missing the point here entirely OR they’re being deliberately obtuse to argue something that isn’t even really happening so they can paint Republicans as the bad guys leading up to the midterms.

And by interesting, we mean lame, pathetic, shady AF, and absolutely pathetic.

Jon does know who his boss was, right?

Commitment to freedom.

Like Obama, Jon wouldn’t know freedom if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.

As someone said up there, Jon is really just mad that Republicans have stolen his playbook.

And they’re using it to win.



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