Kevin Sorbo made a joke that hit both CNN+ and the pronoun horde from Hell … hey man, it’s not every day we see someone enrage so many people with such a simple tweet. We’d give out a Twitchy ribbon or something if Kevin would actually care about it.

Just know we’ve awarded Kevin for this one:


And ouch.

So much ouch.

We’re not sure who that hit harder … ok, we think it hit CNN+ harder but it was the pronoun people who lost their damn minds over his tweet. THOSE AREN’T EVEN PRONOUNS YOU BIG MEANIE AND STUPID HEAD, REEEEEEE!


Seriously, people lost their damn minds over his tweet.

Gosh, he/she/it sure showed Kevin Sorbo! Look at us being all sensitive and stuff to his/her/their pronoun.

None of them have any sense of humor … and they prove it time and time again.

And the only people trying to ban books are Democrats in CA. They seem to forget that.

They’re super original, we know.

Are you sure they’re not? C’MON KAREN, EDUCATE US ALL.

They really don’t get that this was a joke.

That, or they’re so angry they can’t deal with the joke.

Either way, everyone should go point and laugh at them with us.

Seems Kevin has annoyed every single Karen on Twitter with this tweet. Probably just a coincidence they’re the same people who demand you pay attention to pronouns.

Maybe they should just cope.



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