On Saturday, Franklin Graham, the evangelist Christian minister who boasts roughly 10 million followers on Facebook and serves as president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, the international Christian relief organization, fired at Disney, declaring, “The morals of the corporate leadership of Disney today are in the gutter.”

Writing on Facebook, Graham wrote, “LGBTQ activists are using corporations to force their agenda on the public, and companies may want to take another look at what they are allowing to happen. Disney has gone too far. The people of Florida have revolted, and it’s going to cost Disney big time. Disney had a special tax status in the state which they benefitted from in a huge way—but because they came out against the parents of Florida, the governor and legislators have revoked that status.”

“What has happened at Disney is moral failure,” he continued. “Walt Disney had a vision for wholesome family entertainment. He was committed to the family. The morals of the corporate leadership of Disney today are in the gutter, and they want to redefine family counter to God’s original design and flaunt sin.”

Graham, who lives in North Carolina, praised Florida GOP governor Ron DeSantis, asserting, “Thank God for Governor Ron DeSantis who is willing to take a bold stand. We need more leaders like him. God bless him and the Florida legislature.”

He concluded, “I’m in Orlando right now with our Samaritan’s Purse Operation Heal Our Patriots military veteran couples and it is absolutely beautiful! I can tell you there’s a TON of fun things for families to do here other than supporting Disney.”

In January 2021, Graham blasted gender-neutral changes made to the House of Representatives’ official rules, calling them a direct attack on the authority of God.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressman James McGovern announced a set of changes to the House rules to enshrine what they call gender-inclusive language and stop the use of so-called non-inclusive words,” Graham said on Facebook. “Can you believe that they actually propose to strike the use of words including father, mother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, husband, and wife? Yes, you read that right.”

Graham explained that the Bible teaches that to blur the distinctions between man and woman distinctions was “shaking a fist in the Creator’s face, trying to deny His authority.”

“If those claiming the name progressive are allowed to have their way, we won’t even recognize this nation in a very short time,” he warned. “Let your Representative in Congress know that you want them to vote no to this ridiculousness.”

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