FBI Director Chris Wray and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified in September 2021 before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the FBI’s handling of the Larry Nassar investigation.

Larry Nassar was the team doctor for the US women’s gymnastics team and was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison on child pornography charges in 2016.

During the testimony on Wednesday IG Horowitz confirmed to the US Senate Committee that FBI officials deliberately misled the facts during the investigation.  The lead FBI investigator misrepresented the actions he took when the allegations came in and his job-seeking efforts with the US Olympic Committee.  Horowitz said the allegations were handed over to prosecutors in the Justice Department. The DOJ later refused to press charges against the dirty FBI official.

The Inspector General confirmed during testimony that 70 little girls were victimized AFTER the FBI got the case.

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Another miss by Chris Wray and the FBI.

Last week lawyers for 13 of the victims sued Chris Wray’s FBI for failure to act on reports of Nassar’s misconduct.

NPR reported:

Lawyers for 13 girls and women who survived sexual abuse by former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar have notified the FBI they intend to sue over its failure to act on reports of his misconduct.

“They left us at the disposal of a predator,” said Grace French, a survivor and advocate who is part of the process.

French and others argue that the FBI was on notice by the summer of 2015 that Nassar had engaged in widespread and ongoing sexual assaults, under the guise of medical treatment. But, they said, the Bureau failed to take steps to halt the abuse or notify other law enforcement agencies that might have had jurisdiction.

“They turned a blind eye,” said attorney Antoinette Frazho, which “led to this monster continuing to sexually assault women and children for 16 more months….They were careless, reckless and grossly negligent.”

Under a law called the Federal Tort Claims Act, plaintiffs are required to file administrative complaints with the U.S. government. If the federal government fails to act after six months, those plaintiffs can proceed with a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages.

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