Meet Mark Levine, currently Manhattan Borough President and formerly a New York City councilman known to Twitchy readers because of stories like this where he encouraged people to gather in large numbers in Chinatown at the beginning of the pandemic. . .

. . .oh, we won’t forget:

Well, now that he’s Manhattan Borough President, he’s lecturing New Yorkers on the need to get boosted.

“We’re barely moving the needle on this. And it’s not about vax deniers. There are 3.4m NYers who completed their primary vax series but never got their booster. We need a major citywide campaign to reach them”:

Here’s where it gets scary. Levine wants the city to use its database of New Yorkers who did get the vaccine but not the booster and then “contact them through live callers & door knocks”:

“Door knocks?” What could go wrong:

Or — and we’re just spitballing here — you don’t waste taxpayer resources and respect their medical decision not to get boosted, probably because they were infected with Covid after getting the vaccine? How many shots do they want people to get?

And at what point do New Yorkers stop listening to the people who were wrong at every stage of the pandemic?

Or will New York City mandate boosters, too? Because — as our side warned, repeatedly — their noble lies about Covid and kids have created a generation of parents who are now suspect of all vaccines. From Politico:

And, yet, they want to repeat it!



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