Twitter’s board of directors has accepted Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company and take it private. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth among blue-check liberals, many of whom are vowing to abandon Twitter. Well, that shouldn’t be any problem: when conservatives have complained about political bias on social media monopolies, libs have said we should just start our own companies. Now the shoe is on the other foot, but with an important exception. Musk doesn’t want to discriminate against liberals, he just wants a level playing field with free speech for all. Of course, that is unacceptable to the left, which is good at bullying, but not arguing.

It will be interesting to see whom Musk puts in charge of running Twitter, and what becomes of the company’s current staff of monolithically left-wing youths. Iowahawk speculates that at least one employee’s future isn’t bright:

Then again, that employee could find a soft landing spot:

This story should provide ongoing entertainment at the expense of liberals for months to come.

And I think I will have to revitalize my own Twitter account. As some readers may recall, Twitter emailed me a year or so ago to say that someone had accessed my account from New South Wales, Australia, and changed my email address. If that wasn’t me, Twitter’s email said, click here. I clicked here, and a screen came up asking for my username. I entered the username to which Twitter had sent me an email 20 minutes earlier, and a screen came up saying that they had never heard of such a user. At first I attributed the snafu to incompetence, but after trying a number of workarounds and after several others emailed Twitter Help to alert them to what happened, I concluded that it probably was intentional. I look forward to resuming my Twitter account without fear of censorship.

STEVE adds—Let the liberal meltdown begin:

Funny, but I don’t recall Liz Warren complaining about Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post (for a mere $250 million, mere couch cushion change for Bezos):

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