In hopes that I don’t sound like a broken record, food shortages are coming, folks. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it because it seems like far too few people are taking this seriously. It’s a uniquely American trait to wait until things get really bad before reacting properly; we can look to the economic downturn and housing bubble bursting in 2008-2009 to see exactly what I mean. The writing was on the wall long before the burst but most Americans were either unaware or uncaring.

The writing on the wall about massive food shortages coming is far easier to see today than the writing on the wall in 2008. The powers-that-be are telegraphing their intentions, quite literally. Joe Biden has warned about food shortages hitting America. The World Bank has warned about food shortages spanning the globe. Even corporate media is pulling its collectivist head out of the sand for a quick burst of partial truth about food shortages on the horizon. Why aren’t more Americans getting prepared?

One important reason is because far too many Americans have grown dependent on government “fixing” major problems when they arise. This is where the 2008 economic downturn plays against us. As bad as that was, efforts by Bush and then Obama to correct the issue made it to where most Americans survived the economic crisis. By the time Donald Trump’s policies started taking effect, we were better off than we were before the downturn. That sort of relatively quick fix to a potential disaster is what Americans have come to expect.

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It won’t happen this time, folks. The best we can hope for is that government will have enough breadlines to keep Americans from fully starving when the grocery stores are empty. With the economic downturn of 2008, government “fixed” it by passing legislation and bolstering the economy through artificial means. That type of solution won’t work with food shortages because you can’t eat paper money that they print. A food shortage is a tangible event because food itself is tangible and very hard to replenish once storage is depleted.

Things are already looking very bad, but the panic hasn’t started just yet. When the panic starts, shelves will empty quickly. Trucks will be attacked and emptied in areas where food is scarce. Farms will be raided by hungry marauders. Martial law will go into effect. The time to get prepared is BEFORE the panic begins.

For those who may be new to my shows or my writing, let me alert you that I have never been a “Chicken Little” alarmist. When shelves were emptying of toilet paper and many food items in 2020, I was calling for everyone to stay calm because the writing on the wall showed there would NOT be massive food shortages other than what was manufactured by the panic itself. Today, even if we do not panic yet, the food shortages are almost certain to materialize.

Let’s look at some of the events coming together to cause this perfect storm leading to massive food shortages:

  • Ukraine-Russia war is cutting off grain and fertilizer supplies worldwide
  • Bird flu has killed 30 million chickens and turkeys in the United States alone
  • Economic recovery from Pandemic Panic Theater is still years away from fulfillment IF nothing else pops back up
  • Food processing facilities have been burning down, exploding, or getting hit by planes in alarming numbers in recent weeks
  • China has been hoarding wheat and rice, over 50% of the world’s supply, since the months BEFORE Covid-19 was unleashed
  • The supply chain crisis has only gotten worse since it began last year
  • Ethanol is being pushed for gasoline to relieve gas prices, but that means higher meat prices since there will be less feed for livestock

That’s a partial list, folks.

On today’s episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I explored the writing that is on the wall and why so many seem to be oblivious to it. In the second segment, I was joined by my lovely, brilliant, and talented co-host and wife, Tammy, to discuss what we’re doing to start growing our own food even in non-optimal conditions. In the third segment, I went back to my comfort zone and started talking politics, namely the way the Cultural Marxists have been leading us throughout the last hundred years or so towards the LGBTQIA+ supremacy agenda that we’re seeing manifesting before our eyes.

It is EXTREMELY important that we get the word out to our friends, family, and anyone we know. This seems to go against a standard operating procedure among preppers to keep our cards close to the vest and not tell anyone we’re prepping, lest they come to our doors to get our stuff, invited or not. While I see and practice the prudence of not divulging my prepper status completely, I do see a strong benefit in getting as many of our peers in order as possible. They’re going to come knocking when things are bad whether we announce our prepper status or not. Might as well get them to become self-sufficient now while they still can.

There’s another reason to get others to start prepping. The fewer people who are stuck in breadlines, the less control government will have over our communities. It behooves us to be self-sufficient as individuals within a community. That’s different from the concept of communism in which everyone is sharing in the works of a few producers.

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The more people who are aware, the better off we will all be. In a post-collapse society in which alternate economies will likely rise, it behooves us to have others with whom we can trade if things get really bad.

One last note about starting now. Prices are already skyrocketing. If you’re planning to start prepping next month or later, you may find yourself as shocked as I was when I started looking at prices of items I had previously purchased. Just between February and April, the prices of many freeze dried foods I had gotten before had nearly DOUBLED. It’s not unrealistic to expect them to double again in a month or two. The downside of more people starting to prepare is that scarcity and inflation are accelerated.

Do not take that as a sign that you shouldn’t spread the word. The impact you have on friends, family, and neighbors will be negligible on the market. You want YOUR people getting the supplies while they still can. We recommend our sponsors at My Patriot Supply for this.

Stay frosty, folks. Get yourself and your family’s food situation stabilized today. And don’t forget water, energy, and ammunition. Imagine a world with desperate people around you and plan accordingly.

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