James Woods certainly seems to be enjoying this whole Elon Musk owning Twitter thing.

Granted, we’d be lying if we told you WE weren’t enjoying it just a little bit as well.

James found what to us looks like the perfect animated gif to go along with the meltdown we’re seeing from our pals on the Left since news broke that Elon officially owns Twitter. So many of them have said they will be leaving Twitter … they’ve been saying that for several hours now and they’re still on Twitter threatening to leave but in case they do, this works.

All it needs is the Benny Hill theme song behind it.


We dig it.

Probably not.

Just like how none of them moved to Canada after Trump won.

See, there’s that angry little birdie again.

Oh, that’s RIGHT, they were all going to leave Spotify over Joe Rogan. Remember how Neil Young threatened to pull his music and then we found out he didn’t own very much of his own catalog anyway so it was a moot point?

Good times.

And really, that’s the biggest piece here. People will stop losing their accounts over the narrative and agenda … and maybe, just maybe the playing field will finally be leveled.

This is gonna be fun.

We just know it.



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