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It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. — Mark 10:25

Recently I was watching a news clip where it was talking about a new contract that an athlete had signed. The athlete was going to make millions of dollars over the course of a few years that they had signed this agreement. It was much more money than most people would ever make in their lifetimes.

The news clip was talking about all the great things that this athlete had done. They were a champion at their level. Records had been set through their play. With the things that had been accomplished, there was little doubt that this player was one of the greatest of all time. All of that is great, but it was all focused solely on the athlete.

It was just a few days later I came across an interview with that same athlete. Millions of dollars were made, thousands of people looked up to this person, and their statement caught my attention. Someone mentioned their family and the family’s strong faith and the statement was that this athlete had no interest in faith. In fact, the suggestion was made that they were better off doing things on their own than with God.

I was immediately reminded of this verse in Mark 10:25. There are many people across the world that God has allowed to be blessed with money. Some of those have used it to further the work of God, while many others have taken this viewpoint. They believe that they are better off without God.

God blesses us and gives us things that we are to use for Him. That can be money, talent, time, or many other things. God trusts us with these things so that we might continue to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ with the world. Rather than trusting in ourselves, He wants us to use these things to glorify and honor Him. Rather than trusting in our own ability, we should be trusting in the one who gave us all that we have.

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