Daily Beast media reporter Justin Baragona was just minding his own business yesterday, doing his job and watching Fox News like he’s supposed to, when he caught Kennedy just casually making an outrageous suggestion on “Outnumbered”:

Why does the quote you included cut off other stuff she said, Justin?

Here’s Kennedy’s full sentence: “Maybe we should not have the government involved in education at all, so parents and teachers and administrators can make those decisions themselves instead of having the government impose it on them.”

So what Kennedy is arguing for is getting the government out of schools and empowering students and parents (and teachers, too, without the oppressive influence of teachers’ unions). That actually seems pretty reasonable.

She didn’t, though. You’d know that, Metin, if you’d bothered to watch the video that Justin posted.

But Justin’s counting on his followers not to read past “Fox News host Kennedy just casually suggests that public schools should be eliminated.” Plenty of his followers will indeed not read past that. Shame on them, because Kennedy is right.

What is Justin Baragona so afraid of? That kids who deserve better might actually be given an opportunity to get better?

Justin’s not going to be OK. But if more governments listen to Kennedy, the kids might just be all right.



Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona brazenly misrepresents Maria Bartiromo’s remarks on Biden admin and Putin

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