Somebody check on Taylor Lorenz.

Also, PINCH ME. The news this week just keeps getting better and better. I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon my time and it feels as if we have had a month’s worth of good news since yesterday.

For those of you still blissfully unaware of the existence of Taylor Lorenz, let me give you a few details so you can enjoy this story even more. Lorenz writes about tech and new media for The Washington Post. As a conservative D.C. friend of mine said last week, it’s a beat that could be interesting but Lorenz just uses it to “s**t post” on social media.

In a recent VIP Insanity Wrap post, Stephen Green accurately referred to Lorenz as a “garbage” human and “…the near 40-year-old who still talks and whines like an underage Mean Girl when she isn’t busy ruining people’s lives for fun and profit.”

Here is a little more from Megan to get you up to speed:

Since Libs of TikTok is under assault by corporate media and a particularly wretched garbage person named Taylor Lorenz (who had the nerve to cry to the media just a week ago about how awful online harassment is), I think it’s time we all stepped up our game. Libs of TikTok cannot carry the burden of Groomer Patrol alone. Finding groomer teachers and exposing them is a job that all of us can do. It’s incredibly easy because the #LGBTQTeachers and #gayteachers of TikTok are incredibly stupid. They post publicly available videos of themselves saying and doing outrageous and inappropriate things. Lorenz and the Washington Post insinuated that Libs of TikTok is a “hate movement” that seeks to keep the outrage machine going on the right.

It was an old-fashioned mainstream media hit piece that was intended to ruin its conservative new media target.

And it has been a gloriously spectacular failure.

A week and a half ago, Libs of TikTok had around 630 thousand Twitter followers. That was before the attempted hit by crybaby Lorenz. Here’s where we are today:

Throughout all of this, the woman behind Libs of TikTok has handled everything with two things Taylor Lorenz knows nothing about: humor and class.

Lorenz recently got some attention for doing some fake theatrical crying on MSNBC when recounting the mean treatment she’s gotten online. Being a leftist, she has no self-awareness and didn’t get that she was describing what she does to others for a living.

Congratulations, Libs of TikTok and may your success give Taylor Lorenz an uplanned chance to work on her acting skills.

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