During his last few years as Twitter’s CEO, co-founder Jack Dorsey was vying with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for the title of Public Enemy #1 among conservatives. He was instrumental in making sure Twitter propped up the addled idiot that the Democrats were running for president in 2020. While Dorsey later admitted that Twitter shouldn’t have quashed the Hunter Biden story before the election, he did so knowing that the damage was already done and there would be no reprisals. Still, he was one of the few in all of leftist media to admit that what was done was wrong.

The moment Elon Musk announced that he wanted to buy Twitter, the leftist hive mind hissed in unison about the potential loss of its Precious.

As the hissing began to crescendo and the more prominent progressive idiots’ voices rose above the rest, it was strange to notice that Jack Dorsey wasn’t among them. Twitter, after all, is/was his baby. One would assume that he would be leading the charge against Musk’s vision for the platform, as it seems so antithetical to what Twitter became under Dorsey.

It turns out that America’s wealthiest stoner is a little more nuanced than we previously knew.

We first saw signs of it last week, which Victoria wrote about:

We’d like to report that the earth’s ideological axis just went wobbly after a shocking tirade by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey against CNN.

Dorsey has come out of his hidey hole, feeling the heat over the offer to buy out Twitter, the micro-blogging social media platform he launched in 2006. Dorsey still sits on the board of directors of Twitter, which tech billionaire Elon Musk — of SpaceX and Tesla fame — has offered to buy for $43 billion, a 20% share price premium.

Dorsey tweeted that the board is the most dysfunctional part of Twitter.


Dorsey also got in a dig at Poppin’ Fresh Brian Stelter and CNN while Bri-Bri was whining about Tucker Carlson. Victoria’s article has all of that fun in it too.

Not surprisingly, that left a lot of conservatives scratching our heads and muttering, “Where was this guy a few years ago?”

After Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was made public on Monday, American leftists began soiling their diapers en masse.

Once again, Jack Dorsey declined to throw in with them:

I was really glad that Dorsey threw in the “light of consciousness” stuff at the end to let us know that it really was the baked billionaire we all know tweeting and that his account hadn’t been hacked.

It’s safe to say that Dorsey won’t be sporting a MAGA hat any time soon, but this is refreshing coming from a guy who had been nothing but a leftist cliché up until now.

It also raises a lot of questions about just what was going on internally at Twitter before Dorsey left. He was quick to throw the board under the bus and cheer on Musk as he ran the bus over them.

Unless Dorsey gets so bored that he wants to write a tell-all book we will probably never know.

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