If you’ve been on Twitter at all this week, you know that liberals are losing it over “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk purchasing Twitter. The elites have let us know what they think of “free speechers” — “At the end of the day, the free-speechers really just want to be able to use racist slurs,” tweeted the former CEO of Reddit, before publishing a piece in the Washington Post about how Musk’s brand of free speech will be bad for Twitter. We had a blue-check Tuesday saying that under Musk, “we’re gonna have to deal with Nazis the way our grandparents did.” What, by shooting and bombing them? And of course, CNN+’s Brian Stelter, who’s obviously never been invited to a party, asked if you’d want to attend if there were total freedom?

We’ve written a lot about actor Angela Belcamino; she recently suggested that we “draft the unvaccinated” to fight in Ukraine. And now she’s asking if we can just ban all Twitter accounts that tweet “free speech.”

She was responding to a tweet where Musk said Twitter must be politically neutral, so that obviously bothers her.


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