‘It is unlikely that they had time to legally buy these tons of goods’

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A Russian platoon commander billed as the “champion looter” of the conflict in Ukraine nabbed 440 kg of goods to send back to his home country, a report has found.

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Yevgeny Kovalenko, 27, lifted goods ranging from speakers, tables, tents and tools to ship to his hometown of Rubtsovsk in Altai Krai region of western Siberia, according to the Russian opposition website Dossier Centre in London.

CCTV footage shows Kovalenko and a band of sticky-fingered soldiers shipping off parcels to their homes at the CDEK delivery centre in Belarus, according to the outlet East2West.

“More than two dozen soldiers pass through the office during the broadcast,” the Dossier Centre said. “Chevrons of Russian troops on their uniforms are seen. The Russian soldiers had just returned to Belarus. It is unlikely that they had time to legally buy these tons of goods.”

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The troops returned to Belarus from the frontlines of Kyiv after Russia’s failure to capture the Ukranian capital in the face of stiff resistance, Mirror reports.

Kovalenko’s spoils were reportedly addressed to his 24-year-old wife Margarita, a former clothing retailer and graduate of Altai State University.

The accused looter is a recon commander who graduated from the Novosibirsk Military Institute of the National Guard, East2West reported (per NYPost).

He fights on the unit 6720 of the 656th Regiment of Operational Designation of the Russian Federal Guard Service.

“The record for the number and weight of parcels is held by Yevgeny Kovalenko, 27….he tried to send home 17 parcels with a total weight of 440k (970 pounds),” the Dossier Center reported.

Other alleged plunderers include Artem Lazarev, who sent home 255 kg worth of goods; Pavel Nikolayev, who sacked 205 kg, and Andrei Serdtsev and Georgy Valiev, both of whom boosted 150 kg each, according to the Hill.

Lazarev mailed home an electric scooter, while another sent an air conditioning unit. Another still dispatched a 90kg trunk lid to his home in Western Russia.

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