Let’s start with some Pew data on changes in public trust for some of our institutions. You’ll see the two parties switch places on most institutions during precisely the time period so many institutions (such as banks and tech companies) decided to jump on the woke bandwagon.

Not sure this will end well for liberals, though:

Data on auto theft trends in Washington state after a change in the law reduced criminal penalties for car stealing. Nice going Washington.

And don’t forget that Black Lives Matter. (What happened in 2014 and 2020 that saw the number jump up? Oh, right. . .)

I’m given to believe that these are hate charts, because math is racist or something:

And Mark Perry has been very very busy this week:

Also this at the border:

Some relevant energy data:

Remember when New York said it could replace the Indian Point nuclear plant that it forced to shut down with “renewable” sources of electricity? Yeah, that was awesome:


These data check out:

This also checks out:

And finally. . .

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