Many of us have started ringing the alarm bells about the globalist elites in the New World Order in recent years. The movement to alert the people started hitting its stride around the time Pandemic Panic Theater reared its ugly head. The stolen 2020 election brought more into the mix. Since then, patriots have been joining in on calls to wake the world up from its denialism.

But one man has been ringing those alarm bells for decades. Alex Jones has been called a conspiracy theorist, wacko, and every other foul name imaginable because he has built a brand on ideas that make people uncomfortable. As time goes on and more of the globalist plan is revealed, we learn that the things Jones has been talking about are real.

Here’s Jones 20 years ago telling us all about what we’re seeing quite clearly today:

“Yes, there have been corrupt empires. Yes, they manipulate. Yes, there are secret societies. Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history. And yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny where human beings are absolutely worthless.”

There are conspiracy theories about the globalists. They are involved in conspiracies and at this stage all we have are theories about what it all means. The “conspiracy theory” label is unfortunately used as a pejorative, but that needs to end. As long as people allow themselves to be gaslighted by the Deep State, corporate media, and “sensible” people who refuse to believe what they’re seeing with their own eyes, it will be difficult to wake enough people up to stop this.

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The machinations of the powers-that-be are pure evil. They’re pushing the world off a cliff in hopes of rebuilding it in their own image. America in particular is their primary target because we have always stood in the way of their plans. No, I’m not referring to the government, much of which is completely onboard with the globalist agenda. It’s the American people who stand athwart of their designs, which is why they’re doing everything in their power today to control or manipulate us.

Alex Jones was ahead of his time and still is today.

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One Sick Day Proves We Need More Voices in Truthful Media

On October 19, I was sick. It crossed my mind that I had finally gotten the ‘rona, but my wife’s cream of chicken soup and a few extra hours of sleep into mid-afternoon had be back up and running after a sleepless night before.

When I finally stumbled over to my computer in the evening, I was met with a deluge of concern from readers. They asked what had happened as only one article had been posted that day. Generally, we post between 10-20 daily between all of the sites, not included curated and aggregated content. Seeing that we’d only posted my super-early morning article before taking the rest of the day off had readers assuming the worst.

We have a wonderful and talented group of writers who volunteer their time for the sites and their readers. Sharing their amazing perspectives has always been a blessing to us because we cannot afford to hire anyone at this time. But having great writers is meaningless if we don’t have great editors, or at least one additional. My wife helps me read and edit stories from time to time, but I’m a one-man show when it comes to getting the stories posted.

Whenever I highlight our desperate need for donations, I note that we do not receive money from Google ads even though most in conservative media are beholden. I often ambiguously note that the money donated will help us grow. Today, I’m highlighting a specific need. We must get an editor to help take some of the load and to expand on our mission of spreading the truth to the world. One sick day proved that.

The great news is that there is no shortage of people who CAN help. I am emailed variations of resumes every week by people who are much smarter than I am. As much as I’d love to hire some of them, we simply cannot. That takes money and as blessed as we’ve been to receive donations and collect ad money (though not from Google or Facebook), we have still fallen short.

Those who have the means, PLEASE consider donating. We have the standard Giving Fuel option and people can donate through PayPal. We are also diving into what we believe is extremely disruptive technology at, the world’s first major donation portal for crypto. I’ll be talking a lot more about them in the near future. Those who prefer Bitcoin can send to my address here: 3A1ELVhGgrwrypwTJhPwnaTVGmuqyQrMB8

We can get the voices out there and we’re willing to shine a spotlight on new talent. We just need the resources to make it happen. If you can help, we would be extremely grateful.

Thank you and God bless!

JD Rucker

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