Pam Keith, a former Democratic congressional candidate who lost to incumbent GOP Rep. Brian Mast of Florida in 2020, said that Democrats could win big during the upcoming midterms if President Joe Biden canceled student debt and decriminalized cannabis.

“If Joe Biden cancels student debt and decriminalized cannabis, Dems will run the table in Nov,” she declared. “Both are also EXCELLENT economic stimulus measures,” she added in another tweet.

“To those who claim I am pushing ‘free money and weed’ as the Dem platform, my answer is: yup,” she noted.

“Cancelling student debt isn’t about those with college degrees. It’s about those with college DEBT, which includes MILLIONS who don’t actually have degrees. This isn’t a class issue. It’s an ECONOMIC JUSTICE and stimulus issue!!” she declared.

Americans have been facing soaring inflation, a problem which could cause significant headwinds for Democrats heading into the midterms later this year. Biden has been underwater on his job approval rating in various polls for some time — unless public sentiment shifts, his lackluster job approval could also serve as a drag on Democrats during the 2022 election cycle.

The president said on Thursday that he is “considering dealing with some debt reduction,” though he added that he is “not considering $50,000 debt reduction.” Various Democratic lawmakers have been pushing for the cancellation of up to $50,000 of federal student loan debt per person.

But many people oppose the idea of the government wiping out student loan debts.

“I just worked my butt off to pay off my very expensive student loans a few months ago. If Biden forgives student loans, I’m going to be livid,” Kassy Dillon tweeted on Wednesday.

Dillon faced criticism for the remarks, including from celebrity Valerie Bertinelli who accused Dillon of being “selfish.”

“Tell me you’re selfish without telling me you’re selfish,” Bertinelli tweeted in response to Dillon’s post.

“This isn’t about selfishness it’s about responsibility. Forgiving student loans won’t fix the problem of schools hiking tuition costs,” Dillon replied.

“Exactly Kassy focus on the actual problem,” Bertinelli tweeted.

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