No matter how much Jen Psaki talks about how she can’t IMAGINE why Americans wouldn’t want some federal government agency to monitor, control, and even censor them to protect them from disinformation, it’s just not true. And no amount of spin or pretending this isn’t an attempt to continue controlling the narrative since Twitter won’t be doing it for them anymore changes that.

Jonathan Turley put together a fairly exceptional thread on this board and even spoke about Hillary Clinton’s attempts to use Europe as a means to silence Americans she disagrees with.

Take a gander:

A type of Ministry of Truth?

This looks exactly like one … except the crazy czar sings about disinformation on Twitter.


They want an actual board to control what people say, read, think, see, and ultimately believe.

Maybe even how they vote.

You’d think.

The 2022 Ultimate BS Award works as well.

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn terrifying.




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