Odds are your parents or grandparents dealt with, or fought, tyranny in the 1940s. But what have we really learned?

In March of 2020, I was driving from Michigan to Long Island with my good friend and fellow comedian Terry McNeely. The nation was shutting down over a virus that over 99% of us would survive. We were swiping toilet paper from our hotels and rest areas. I referred to the situation as a “dress rehearsal for communism.” I was wrong, it was showtime!

I’m not even sure what we are seeing is communism. If you were to read a history book about Germany from 1933 to 1939 you would see how the Nazis took complete control of their citizens in record time. It started (more or less) with a fake fire in their capitol, or Reichstag. Nazis burned it down and blamed a communist. This gave them the “right” to lay down some laws, you know, for the safety of the nation.

COVID-19, the Hong Kong Fluey, call it what you like, is the Reichstag fire of our time. Democrats have used it to lock us down and strip away our rights. They closed our places of employment and forced us to stay home. They gave us some money so that we were reliant upon them. They used COVID to force-feed us a “vaccine” that doesn’t do what they told us it would do (other than line the pockets of big pharma). Workers, even first responders who risked their lives when the Bat-stew Flu was new, were fired if they didn’t bend their knees and raise their sleeves. They used COVID to make us wear borderline useless masks and stand on stickers at the grocery store to “save lives” even though this idea was based on outdated information. All of which was for the “safety of the nation.”

In short, the Democrats were checking to see how much control they could exert over us and get away with. The truth is shocking, scary, and even humiliating. We followed them like lambs. For the “safety of the nation.”

Remember when Gropey Joe said he would never mandate a vaccine, and asked us to wear a mask for a mere 100 days?

Remember when he said the vaccine would stop COVID in its tracks? They said Trump colluded with Russia. They said Hunter’s laptop, full of drug porn and evidence that Joe sold his influence for mad stacks, was faked by the Russians. How many times do you need to be lied to?

Joe Biden stepped up his commie/Nazi game this week by forming his “ministry of truth,” oddly, RIGHT after free-speech-loving billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter. Comrade Joe and his administration are in panic mode. They need to dictate what the “truth” is. They can’t allow us to speak the real truth to one another and are threatening to “stop” those who do. We don’t know what “stop” means yet, but we DO know that the new, Nazi-like censorship board comes out of the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) and they have a lot of guns.

FACT-O-RAMA! Biden’s pick to lead the “ministry of truth,” Nina Jankowicz, has a history of lying publicly. She also strikes me as being nuttier than squirrel droppings.

Likening politicians to Nazis is hack, but the truth is the truth. Hitler had his SA or brownshirts, paramilitary thugs who rioted when and where Hitler wanted them to do so, mostly unimpeded by law enforcement. The Democrats have Antifa and Black Lives Matter doing the same. There are more similarities.

Because I firmly believe it’s now or never, here is your handy-dandy Nazi-Commie-Democrat similarity chart. All three political parties like the following:

  • unarmed citizens
  • ministries of truth/anti-free speech
  • locking up political enemies (J6 protestors are still in jail)
  • violent street thugs
  • control over what your kids are taught
  • control over the press (Twitter booted the NY Post for breaking the Hunter laptop story)
  • Gestapo/KGB/FBI

I could go on but I think you get the point. P.S: Real Republicans (not RINOs) oppose all of these things.

How were the communists and Nazis so successful? Good people stood down. They accepted the tyranny, even as they, and their kids, were being marched into gas chambers.

FACT-O-RAMA! The 2nd Amendment, like those 30-round magazines, wasn’t created for hunting.

Our Founding Fathers knew that men can be tyrants and wrote the Constitution accordingly. The Democrats have chosen to become those tyrants. They want to dismantle the 1st Amendment and absolve the 2nd Amendment. They want to control what you say and what you believe. They want total dominance, as they had in early 2020, even though they knew by May 2020 that 66% of COVID patients were locked down.

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If you ever wondered what you would have done in Nazi Germany, NOW is your chance to find out. Get loud and refuse to be dominated. Buy ammo. We have to fight as dirty as they do. Taking the “high road” isn’t an option.

If you don’t vote the tyrants out this November, you’re complicit. Don’t be afraid to have your liberal sister-in-law and her soy boi toy call you a bigot because you know men can’t menstruate. Wear your MAGA hat in public and make some noise on social media. They fear us.

It’s 1933 again but this time it’s in the United States. No other country is coming to free us from tyranny as our grandparents freed Europe and Asia. It’s up to us. Let’s roll.

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