Last week John posted the email chain between Hunter Biden and his attorney about the Biden blues. Hunter’s lawyer was at the Faegre Baker Daniels firm where John worked for 42 years. I overlapped there with John when it was still Faegre and Benson but somehow missed the email chain when the New York Post first unearthed it from the infamous laptop. I am reposting it at the bottom of this post in case you missed it.

As a first-year lawyer at Faegre and Benson, a family friend with serious legal issues and the resources to pay for representation to resolve them asked me to represent him. A senior partner at the firm advised me not to take the case because he had dealt with my prospective client as an adverse party and thought him less than credible. The senior partner is now deceased, but I wonder what he would have had to say about the firm’s representation of Hunter Biden. I somehow doubt that he would have passed muster. They used to care, but (in the words of the Dylan song) “things have changed.”

John took up the Faegre connection in “My old firm is in the news.” He noted that the Faegre lawyer appears to be a friend of Biden and something of a jack of all trades, working on Biden’s divorce obligations as well as other legal and personal issues. Biden owed the firm over $130,000 for work including the restructuring of BHR — Bohai Harvest RST Equity Investment Fund Management Company. As John explained, BHR is “one of the Chinese entities in which Hunter (and perhaps Joe) had an interest.” John posted the documents below.

The New York Post is of course the key player in the revelation of the Biden family business, with Peter Schweizer making his own contributions along the way. The Post takes up recent Biden family business revelations (“including bills related to [Hunter Biden’s] overseas businesses”) in the editorial “Joe Biden sure looks like he’s lying about Hunter’s biz.” The text of the editorial (“[Biden] has been outright lying”) is more blunt than the headline and it is clearly correct. Moreover, as the editorial observes, “The incuriosity of most media institutions on all this remains appalling.”

The term “all this” is something of a euphemism. For “all this,” read “the CCP connection” and “the Biden family business” or “the Biden family corruption.”

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