Tell us you’re completely ignorant about religion without telling us you’re completely ignorant about religion.

Bette Midler thought this cartoon very clearly depicting white, male Christians beating a homosexual with their Bibles was a smart thing to tweet. Granted, a lot of her supporters, fans, and followers aren’t much brighter than she is so in a way …

No, you know what, this is just dumb, regardless of how stupid her following is.

We all know if this cartoon featured the REAL religion that likes to assault and even kill gays Bette would never have posted it. But since it’s just Christians and it’s ok to attack them, especially if they’re white and male, she ran with it.



We miss Alex Trebek.

Just sayin’.

Wokism is THE religion on the Left.


She can’t and won’t talk about Islam and its views on homosexuality because it’s far easier and safer to go after Christians, not to mention she’s a disingenuous hosebag desperate for relevance and she knows a bunch of ignorant people who believe they are SUPER oppressed in America will say, ‘Go girl’.




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