Unless you live under a rock (or ignore a lot of the crazy and insanity in our media and on social media, which no one would blame you for) then you are well aware of the hit-piece the New York Times put together on Tucker Carlson. It took them something like nine writers spending thousands of hours watching his show to write this hunk of garbage, and oddly enough, it’s done far more damage to them than to Tucker.

DA DA DAAAAA! U.S. conservatism! REEEEEE!

Even mild-mannered and somewhat ‘straight man’ Brit Hume jumped into the fray.

What he said.

And really, hatchet job is so perfect for what they tried to do here.

We miss Charles as well.

Britt reminds us a lot of him.

And Tucker hast he losers at the New York Times to thank for that.


We’re willing to bet that his viewership will be way up.

So much desperation. Our favorite was watching Eric Swalwell use a story from the New York Times to claim Biden has been better to rural America than Trump ever was so they should vote for Biden.

Yeah, we laughed too.



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