This is a gimme to the elite Left, right Media Matters?

Democrats are in a real pickle with this one because it wouldn’t look great to make blue-collar Americans foot the bill for the elitist college-educated liberals who voted for him so he’d cancel their massive student loan debt. It really would be robbing the poor to give to the rich.

And nothing says that more than the VP of Media Matters who makes $180k a year whining that $10k loan forgiveness ‘isn’t enough’.

Julie wants someone who either already paid for the school loans or who didn’t go to college to pay her school loans for her.

While making that amount of money.


Hey, we knew Democrats were the party of the rich elite but this is pretty damn blatant.

The level of entitlement IS INDEED really something.

This. ^

Either that or they want people to think the debt just magically disappears because they know admitting otherwise makes them look like the entitled, selfish, a-holes they really are.



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