For the last year, we have railed against the two most powerful financial institutions in the world: BlackRock and Vanguard. And by “financial institutions,” we really have to use that label because they’ve gone far beyond simply being the biggest investment management firms with over $10 trillion between them. They now wield extreme levels of direct power over the most crucial industries in the world, including food production and distribution.

I’ll let Ethan Huff from Natural News describe just how vast their reach is in the article below, but first I want to highlight what this really means. First and foremost, we must look at both corporations as more than simply greedy. They have fully embraced and promoted woke ideologies and progressive values, promoting everything from Critical Race Theory and LGBTQIA+ supremacy to spearheading the push for the destructive tenets of “Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance” (ESG).

They are beyond the money now. Their existence and continued success are all about the accumulation of power and being at the top of the food chain when The Great Reset is fully realized. They don’t get the same attention as individuals like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, or Barack Obama, but they are in lockstep with the machinations of the World Economic Forum and are almost certainly the driving economic force behind the New World Order.

And lest I lose anyone by invoking “conspiracy theories” about the globalist elites, it’s important to know that everything posted in this article is easily verifiable. We don’t have to delve into speculation because they proudly announce both their intentions and the public-facing components of their plan. They can do this because they know so few people are actually willing to peer into the abyss or spend time doing the research.

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Very few, even in conservative media, have risked tangling with the demonic forces of BlackRock or Vanguard. Those who have, most notably Glenn Beck, have only had time to scratch the surface, as have we. That’s how gigantic this conspiracy really is.

We know this: Food shortages are coming. We’re not talking about the high inflation we’re seeing today or the reduced availability of certain foods. We’re talking about full-blown Venezuela-level food shortages in which Americans will be standing in line for hours to receive limited supplies from a benevolent government. We’re talking about looting, rioting, and mass chaos. We’re talking about martial law, rampant starvation, and the destruction of western society forever.

These are all necessary events for The Great Reset to happen. BlackRock and Vanguard have the means and the motivation to make it all happen.

There are two things that need to be done immediately. First and foremost, we must fight this by exposing it. Other than prayer, that’s really the only recourse we have. It will take an understanding of what’s happening by a massive number of people before we can reach a tipping point that must be addressed. Otherwise, people like Glenn Beck and us will be preaching to the small portions of the public who are mostly in the know about this stuff already.

The second thing that needs to happen is that individuals and families need to prepare. It behooves all of us if there are fewer Americans forced into breadlines and compliance. We need as many Americans as possible to remain unbeholden to government and resistant to the forces who are trying to enslave us. Even the most patriotic family will be forced into government dependency if they aren’t prepared for what may come.

Hope for and work towards the best, but definitely prepare for the worst. That’s the mentality we all need to embrace immediately.

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We need to fight the giants at BlackRock and Vanguard and we need to prepare our families for the possibility that we will not succeed. That’s the moral of the story, but Ethan has so much more to say about it…

BlackRock and Vanguard Are Taking Over Centralized Food Production Technologies and Will Have Near-Total Control Over the Future Food Supply in America

Many people are still blissfully unaware of what has happened, but the global food supply has been largely taken over by the oligarchs, including financial giants BlackRock and Vanguard.

It turns out that BlackRock and Vanguard have been gradually gobbling up ownership of the means of production, and now intend to lord it over the masses by centralizing all food production technologies in the United States and enslaving everyone under their control.

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The top three shareholders of CD Industries Holdings, the world’s largest fertilizer company, include both BlackRock and Vanguard. BlackRock and Vanguard are also the top shareholders in Union Pacific, the railroad giant that moves fertilizer and other agriculture inputs all across the country.

The world’s top 10 food companies are also largely owned by both BlackRock and Vanguard. These include Nestlé, PepsiCo, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Associated British Foods, Mondel?z, Mars, Danone, Unilever, and Coca-Cola.

“What happens when they control all of the seeds, produce, and meat too?” asks Corey’s Digs.

“What happens when produce and meat are all grown inside secured facilities after a gene splice or inside a petri dish, and farmland becomes dormant due to overreaching regulations, lack of supplies, and manufactured inflation?”

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says “it’s time to force people’s behavior to change”

BlackRock and Vanguard’s influence over CF Industries Holdings and T. Rowe Price Associates is having a major and direct impact on farming in the Midwest. It is also important to note that Union Pacific recently began mandating railroad shipping reductions of 20 percent, further impacting American agriculture.

“This will directly impact key agricultural areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and California,” Corey’s Digs adds. “This will ultimately affect food supply and pricing. CF Industries is only one of 30 companies dealing with these restrictions.”

Another major transporter of agricultural goods, the Canadian National Railway (CN), is reportedly trying to help the fertilizer market grow. But its largest owner is none other than billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, whom we reported is buying up as much American farmland as he can get his grubby little demonic hands on.

Back to BlackRock and Vanguard, the finance giants are also top shareholders in AppHarvest, a Kentucky-based agriculture company that boasts one of the biggest greenhouses in the world at 2.76 million square feet on 60 acres. The facility grows only tomatoes, which are sold at Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart.

Then there is Hydrofarm Holdings, based in Pennsylvania. This company also grows crops in a controlled environment with vertical farming technology. BlackRock and Vanguard are top shareholders in this company as well.

BlackRock currently boasts more than $20 trillion in investments, all of which follow the ESG and “socially responsible” guidelines required by its CEO Larry Fink. Fink infamously stated that “it’s time to force people’s behavior to change,” and he is apparently doing that by seizing control of American agriculture.

“Despite the LED lighting, robotics, computer data analysis, and ventilation systems required to power vertical growing facilities of this magnitude, since water is being saved and less of Bill Gates’ landmass is being used, investments are flowing into these alleged sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities, as well as massive greenhouses,” Corey’s Digs further explains.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) is capturing medicine and health care by moving swiftly to pass a new “pandemic treaty” that will give the United Nations total control over public health. This one-two punch of seizing both food and medicine spells a grim future of totalitarian fascism in the entire world.

More related news coverage about the engineered implosion of the global food supply can be found at

Sources include:

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New Conservative Network Seeks Crowdfunding Help

They say we have to go big or go home. We’re trying to go big and bring the patriotic truth the the nation, but we need help.

Readers may or may not realize that over the past year, we’ve been bringing more conservative news and opinion outlets under our wing. Don’t take our expansion as a sign of riches; all of the “acquisitions” have been through sweat and promises of greater things to come for all involved. As a result, we’ve been able to bring together several independent media sites under a unified vision of preventing America from succumbing to the progressive, “woke,” Neo-Marxist ideologies that are spreading like wildfire across America.

The slow and steady reopening of America is revealing there was a lot more economic hardship brought about from the Covd-19 lockdowns than most realize. While we continue to hope advertising dollars on the sites go up, it’s simply not enough to do things the right way. We are currently experiencing a gap between revenue and expenses that cannot be overcome by click-ads and MyPillow promos alone (promo code “NOQ” by the way).

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