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I have no idea what kind of a teacher this is – or what subject it teaches – because apparently that’s not AS IMPORTANT AS TEACHING ITS KIDS ABOUT TRANSNESS AND QUEERNESS.

Lord give me all the strength.

This is one of the handful of reasons why our public school system sucks giant monkeyballs now, it’s why our kids don’t know their state capitals in freaking middle school (but they know Kardashians and gender pronouns instead!), and why we’re sucking wind compared to the rest of the world in basically every single subject.  It’s precisely why, when I taught at the college level years ago, about half of my students couldn’t write in complete sentences.  That’s right.  College students had no business BEING IN FREAKING COLLEGE.

This person is the reason why all of that is the case (oh yeah, and this is TEXAS, y’all):

Our public education system is completely borked and our kids are all dumber for it.

Thanks, liberal freaks.

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