We’ve been surprised that there haven’t been that many “Handmaid’s Tale” takes Tuesday after Monday night’s leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade. That doesn’t make us think that the protesters won’t be digging out their handmaiden costumes and wearing them in front of the Supreme Court tonight, but we’re seeing a lot more references to the American Taliban. Here’s Newsweek editor-at-large Naveed Jamali:

And American liberals really love abortion. We get it. But we’ve seen a few people pushing back on this idea, saying not to use the term “American Taliban” to refer to the GOP because what we’re dealing with here is white Christian nationalism, not Sharia law. For example, here is Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali setting people straight:

We also would have accepted “Christo-fascism.” Here’s a former congressional candidate:

Check out this sorry effort to piggyback on Ali’s tweet:

Solid effort, poor execution. Fail.


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