Allulose: The Sweetener of the Future

Allulose (D-Allulose), a “rare sugar,” is incredibly low in calories, improves insulin sensitivity, promotes fat loss, and now, as revealed by a new study, even enhances aerobic exercise performance.

I know, it sounds like maybe somebody sold their soul to some demon in exchange for seven years of prosperity and an idyllic sweetener. The way science is discovering new allulose superpowers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they found it treated diminution of the marital impulse in less than accommodating spouses.

There’s more, too. Unlike a lot of sugar substitutes, no one with any degree of credibility has yet to say that allulose will cause cancer in mice, moose, marmots, mealybugs, manatees, or man. Neither will it cause cavities or muck up your microbiome like some other sweeteners (artificial) are purported to do. No, bacterial inhabitants will likely welcome allulose, maybe even inviting it to the Colon-palooza music festival, featuring headliner Elvis Klebsiella.

The USDA has even given it GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status, making it one helluva’ appealing sweetener when all its attributes are considered.

So, what exactly is this stuff?

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