Jonathan Turley is far better at talking about why this SCOTUS breach is such a big deal, and since he wrote a thread about it we thought we’d share it with you. While we know something is broken here and Democrats are desperate AF for something (anything) to run on in November that doesn’t focus on or have anything to do with Biden, Turley is definitely more of an expert than we are.

Dude is spot on, as usual:

Nothing short of breathtaking.

… one of the greatest breaches of security in the history of the Court.

See, this is a BIG deal, you guys.

Told you he did a way better job than we can. And look, he’s doing it without any WHOO DAWGIES or capital letters.


Ding ding ding.

And why leak it?


A push for Congress with its still Democratic majority to pass legislation around abortion at the federal level.

For political gain.

C’mon, that’s all the Left ever really cares about.



Oh, HONEY, no: Bette Midler mocked then mocked a WHOLE lot more for accusing SCOTUS of ‘striking down the 14th Amendment’ and ROFL

Megyn Kelly goes OFF on ‘pathetic, spineless’ leaker then takes on whiny little activists praising the leak and seriously, SLAAAY QUEEN

‘Jan 6 was a STROLL in the park compared to this’: Conservatives MERCILESS in calling out SCOTUS leak as the actual insurrection it is

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