Bill Gates is a smart guy who did very, very well for himself. In the computer world. Not in epidemiology.

But for some reason, he’s managed to carve himself out a fun little niche over the past couple of years as some sort of authority on COVID, despite not really having any more expertise than your average man on the street.

So naturally, Bill’s the perfect choice to be a guest on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” which has also managed to carve out a fun little niche for itself as a legitimate source for thoughtful takes on current events.

Take it away, Bill:

“With one step in between.” Which step was that, Bill? You’re a smart dude … surely you know what it was, right?

Gain-of-function research that COVID hero Dr. Anthony Fauci repeatedly and unapologetically lied to Sen. Rand Paul about.

That one step in between resulted in a deadly global pandemic and widespread economic collapse. Seems worth mentioning specifically, at the very least. There’s a far bigger link between COVID and gain-of-function research than there is between COVID and, oh, say, climate change:

Cash us ousside, Bill.

We don’t care what his thoughts are on this. Or on anything:

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