Voice actress, songwriter, and comedienne Grey DeLisle is among the many liberal women feeling helpless and outraged over the prospect of the Supreme Court issuing a ruling that would effectively strike down Roe v. Wade. But for her, the need to preserve Roe v. Wade is personal. Deeply personal:

We can’t help but notice that so many of the loudest arguments from the pro-abort side against dispensing with Roe v. Wade are based on misinformation and disinformation. Like, actual misinformation and disinformation.

Roe v. Wade literally had no bearing whatsoever on DeLisle’s ability to have her ectopic pregnancy terminated. We have yet to meet every single pro-lifer who exists or has ever existed, but we feel pretty confident saying that we’d be hard-pressed to find one who’d argue that women with ectopic pregnancies that endanger their own life and the life of their unborn child(ren) should be forced to carry the pregnancy to term.

In a way, we hope she doesn’t. Because if she does know the difference, it means that she’s perfectly comfortable misleading and deceiving her followers about an issue that has real life-or-death consequences. And that would be disturbing on multiple levels.

This isn’t difficult to understand. What is difficult to understand is that there are well over 100,000 people out there who believe what DeLisle is telling them.

Pro-aborts feel the need to lie because they know that the truth isn’t on their side.

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