British actress Minnie Driver claimed that dead bodies had more rights than American women would have if the landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade were overturned.

Driver made an appearance on Wednesday’s broadcast of the ABC midday talk show “The View,” and she weighed in on the fallout of the unprecedented leak of an early opinion draft indicating that the U.S. Supreme Court might be preparing to overturn both Roe and it’s successor, Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic, asking for Driver’s take on the leak and what it meant for women.

“Earlier we were talking about the draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade. So much is being said about who leaked it. Do you think it matters who leaked it?” she asked.

“It wasn’t me,” Driver insisted, prompting laughs.

“Listen. I mean, it’s been astonishing watching you have this conversation, and I know it’s happening all around America and everywhere,” Driver continued, noting that the leak itself was concerning and should be addressed, but that people should also be concerned about the content that was leaked.

“We need to know that we are so far down the line on something that affects us,” she argued.

Driver went on to say that she had gotten a text from a friend, knowing that this particular topic was likely to arise while she was a guest on “The View.”

“My friend wrote to me and she said when — if I want to donate my organs after I die, I have to sign so much documentation to say that you can have my marrow, my organs after I die — which means that if you overturn Roe v. Wade, literally a corpse has more rights than a living, breathing woman, a person,” Driver continued.

“I think what you were saying, Whoopi, about — it’s a very, very slippery slope. You start taking away rights,” she added. “You know it goes all the way back to — it’s interesting, like, being British. I feel Jefferson has an enormous amount to do with this. The states’ rights versus federal rights.”

You know what I mean, this country, you have a federal — you have a federal government, but then you have states’ rights and what is the nexus between those things?”

“And we have the Second Amendment and the Electoral College which puts us as a disadvantage in certain ways too,” co-host Joy Behar cut in, noting that Britain did not have those things either.

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