Another consequence of the Brandon Regime’s Great Replacement policy is the new workload for the FBI and Border Patrol, which now must deal with a turf war between rival gangs of human smugglers. One gang kidnaps illegals from a stash house run by another gang, then seeks a ransom payment.

Upshot: FBI and border agents are wasting time protecting illegals from human smugglers, whom illegals pay handsomely to sneak them into the country.

“The FBI continues to see a shift of the extortion calls being directed towards undocumented  immigrants who have paid human smugglers to bring them across the U.S.-MX border and their  family members in the U.S. or their country of origin,” a report in the El Paso Herald Press says:

They are quickly trapped in a very frightening nightmare as other human smuggling organizations are kidnapping them from the original human smugglers’ stash houses and then begin the process of extorting family members  for monetary demands for their release.

[FBI El Paso and USBP Warns Public of an Increase of Kidnapping for Ransom Extortion Crimes in the Borderland, April 23, 2022]

And, of course, the FBI wants “victims” and tipsters to know the federal government isn’t interested in “a person’s immigration status.” Extortion is the bureau’s concern.

The bureau published a release on the same subject in February, helpfully available in English and Spanish [FBI El Paso Warns Public of an Increase of Kidnapping/Virtual Kidnapping Extortion Crimes in the Borderland,, February 4, 2022].

That release discussed “virtual kidnappings” in which extortion victims are led to believe, falsely, that a loved one was kidnapped. It also discussed another clever scheme:

Extortionists call random rooms at U.S. hotels near the border and tell guests their hotel is surrounded by armed enforcers. The criminals convince the guests to take pictures of themselves in “tied-up” positions, to leave their hotel, check into another U.S. hotel, or drive across the border to a Mexico-based hotel. The extortionist then convinces the victim to video-call them and take a screenshot. The criminals will then send the photo to the victim’s family, convince them that their loved one is kidnapped, and coerce them to pay a ransom.

Of course, if the border were sealed with U.S. troops, and smugglers were brutally and summarily punished, and illegals were detained and then immediately departed, as U.S. law requires, the FBI and Border Patrol wouldn’t  have this problem.

Then again, nothing will stand in the way of The Great Replacement, including the kidnapping and ransom of illegal aliens.

Bonus fact: As of February, Brandon’s border agents were working with cartels and human smugglers to transport illegals to “consolidation points” before releasing them into the country [Border patrol ‘working with cartels’ to handle overwhelming migrant crossings: Former official, by Angie Wong, New York Post, February 6, 2022]:

The cartels have taken control of our border, and we’re negotiating with the hostage-takers.

But the FBI is worried about illegal-alien kidnapping victims who pay extortionists to help the illegals break U.S. law.

H/T: Border Report

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