Joe Biden may only have a couple of marbles left rolling around in his head, but dammit if he isn’t milking them down to the very last drop. He’s on quite a tear today about Trump supporters. The extremist MAGA crowd may very well be the biggest threat that we face in America today, because it’s “really the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history”:

Look, Fat! He’s serious:

The MAGA crowd is so extreme, they’re probably gonna make it illegal for LGBTQ kids to be in the same classrooms as straight kids.

Joe Biden is so angry about this, he can’t even.

We actually can’t even, either. Incidentally for the same reason as Joe Biden: that Joe Biden is out of his ever-loving mind.

You heard him loud and clear. Or at least loud.

Did he stutter?

Um, yes. It is. Where’s Daniel Dale when you need him? How about PolitiFact? Biden’s little speech could be an entry in the encyclopedia under “disinformation.”

Or “utter, mind-numbing stupidity.”

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