Posted: May 03, 2022 4:58 AM

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There can be little doubt that the shocking, unprecedented leak of a draft opinion of the Supreme Court Monday night broke new barriers.

Yet in all the handwringing on social media since, the only question worth asking is why was it done?”

The consensus feeling is that a staffer of Justice Sonia Sotomayor is likely responsible.

Yet its worth asking, why would they do it?”

Put yourself in their shoes momentarily. This person is likely between 20-30 years old. They barely have any memory of 9/11. Theyve grown up at the dinner table with a feminist aunt who was always espousing the lack of need for men, and her absolute right to have as many abortions as she needs.” On occasion she may have also told her impressionable niece or nephew of the time she had her first, and how not sorry she was for having done it.

This same staffer likely spent their entire educational pursuit in programs from Pre-K through their law license in a mostly secular environment where morals are more like suggestions than expectations.

They dont believe in good or evil. They live in a world of what can be proven” in court. (Those are exceedingly different outcomes.) They wander around in a culture that is more like moral chaos and anarchy than a civil society.

So to this woke (in essence) child, they see nothing wrong with breaking their silly rules,” simply because they are down for the fight.

When you consider it, theyve grown up in a world where marriage was redefined, societal adherence to taking money away from those who earn it and just giving it to people who dont, and the moral good” their leftist icons did in taking their civil and constitutional  rights away, masked them up, and they liked it.

These are not stable people. 

And most hideous of all, theyve never seen a generation of fellow peers that would have been born had they simply been given the chance to.

They actually believe that the former president told his minions to storm the Capitol even though he didnt. They believe the George Floyd protests sought justice. 

They say out loud that, people who disagree with me belong in jail!”

To them, exhuming former living cells in a womans body means nothing.  

They believe that the center right in America harbors racism, white supremacy, and people who want to shoot their guns at them at any time. 

They stormed the steps of the Supreme Court to oppose Brett Kavanaughs nomination fight. They will do it again shortly to oppose what looks to be a thoroughly constitutional trip to the woodshed.

They hate America, American laws, American standards, and the American people.

They couldnt care less about your traditional views of them, their handling of Brett Kavanaugh protests, or the violence they wish upon their enemies. So leaking a couple documents from a case not yet decided but that shortly will be is reason enough for them to excuse violence against those who oppose them. 

They are basically throwing temper tantrums expecting their parents to give in.

No, we dont have the name of the staffer who leaked this. But we do know exactly who you are. 

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