Day 14 of the highly-publicized Johnny Depp defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard  — the first day Heard testified — included new bombshell accusations, seeming contractions, and, yup, more poop.

Here are the five key moments from Wednesday’s proceedings you need to know.

Heard gifted Depp a large knife, inscribed ‘until death’ in Spanish

During the pair’s marriage, Heard gave Depp a large knife with an inscription that said “until death” written in Spanish.

“I believe that this is the knife that Ms. Heard gave to Mr. Depp as a gift,” Dawn Hughes, a clinical psychologist called to testify as an expert witness by Heard’s legal team, said while identifying the blade.

Hughes went on to identify the inscription to read “until death” in Spanish.

“A woman you suggest has characteristics of being afraid for her life, gives her intimate partner a large knife, which she has inscribed, ‘until death,’” a lawyer for Depp pressed Hughes. “That’s your testimony?”

“There’s context,” Hughes replied.

Later in the trial, Hughes said the “context” for the knife was Depp telling Heard the only way out of their marriage was through “death.” Wedding vows generally include the phrase, “until death do us part.”

Notes shed light on Heard’s relationships with James Franco and Elon Musk during her marriage to Depp

Notes taken by Dr. Hughes from meetings with Heard were shown to the court, revealing more details about the actress’ relationships with actor James Franco and tech billionaire Elon Musk.

Depp has in the past accused the “Aquaman” star of being unfaithful during their marriage, cheating on him with both Franco and Musk.

Hughes made notes about both Franco and Musk under a section titled “Intimate relationships.”

Referring to Franco by his initials, “JF,” Hughes tied Heard and Franco with the date “Dec. 2015,” which was during Heard and Depp’s marriage.

“JF- friends – got close – but really wanted to be [with] Johnny,” one note said.

In a note on “Elon,” a reference to Musk, Hughes wrote that the pair met at the Met Ball in May 2016. The Met Ball that year was held on May 2. Heard filed for divorce against Depp on May 23, 2016.

“Elon – May 2016 – met then, Met Ball,” a note from Hughes said, adding, “dated after Johnny.”

“I was heartbroken, my soul felt nothing then,” a note under “Elon” said. “Ended March 2018.”

Expert witness for Heard says the actress told her she hit Depp ‘a number of times’

Hughes said Wednesday that Heard admitted to her that she hit Depp during a “number of instances.”

Earlier in the week, Hughes suggested on the stand that Heard engaged in “reactive violence” when dealing with Depp. She also said that she believed Depp sexually and physically assaulted Heard during their relationship, based in part on her interviews with Heard starting in September 2019.

“Just so I understand your position on this, is it your position that, if Ms. Heard was abused, she gets to hit Mr. Depp?” an attorney for Depp asked Hughes, testing the psychologist’s definition of “reactive violence.”

“That’s not my opinion,” Hughes responded.

“But you know she hits him, right?” the attorney pressed.

Nodding in the affirmative, Hughes answered, “And I testified to that.”

“How many times did she admit to hitting him?” Depp’s legal team asked.

“She indicated a number of times in a number of instances,” Hughes admitted.

Depp’s legal team then played audio of Heard admitting to hitting Depp. Here’s a portion of that audio transcript:

“You’ve been in a lot of fights, you’ve been around a long time,” Heard said. “You didn’t get punched. You got hit. I’m sorry I hit you like this, but I did not punch you. I did not f***ing deck you. I f***ing was hitting you. I don’t know what the motion of my actual hand was.”

“But you’re fine,” the actress told Depp. “I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you.”

“I’m not sitting here b****ing about, am I? You are. That’s the difference between me and you. You’re a f***ing baby,” she added. “You are such a baby! Grow the f*** up, Johnny.”

“Do you agree with Ms. Heard that it’s ‘admirable’ to retreat from a fight?” Depp’s team asked Hughes, referring to Heard in the audio calling her then-husband “admirable” to leaving during the fight.

“It is admirable to retreat from a fight,” Hughes answered, agreeing that this fight would not qualify as an “instance of reactive violence” from Heard, if the audio was “true.”

Heard describes ‘cavity search’ by Depp

Heard became emotional on the stand as she recalled an alleged instance of Depp performing what she called a “cavity search” on her in May 2013.

The actress testified that Depp ripped off her underwear and put his fingers into her vagina against her will, moving them around while apparently looking for drugs.

“It became clear he was looking for something,” Heard said, recalling Depp asking her, “Where are you hiding it?”

Depp then started “patting me down,” Heard said.

“He rips my dress … he’s grabbing my breasts, he’s touching my thighs, he rips my underwear off,” the actress continued. “He then proceeds to do a cavity search … He said he was looking for his drugs, his cocaine.”

More poop: Heard testifies that she cleaned up Depp after he ‘lost control of his bowels’

Heard testified Wednesday that she had to clean up Depp when he would vomit on himself or lose “control of his bowels” after abusing substances.

“Depp would pass out and lose control of his body — and everyone in his circle was forced to clean up after him and afraid to confront him about it, Amber Heard said on the stand,” an Australian outlet reported.

“I cleaned up after him,” the actress said. “This man lost control of his bowels and I cleaned up after him.”

Heard also testified that she witnessed Depps’ “security guards change his pants in front of her, which prompted the actor to chuckle from his seat in the courtroom,” the report added.

“He passed out in his own sick … and then he’d walk around saying he didn’t have a problem,” Heard said.

Heard classified Depp as “the love of my life” — with a dark side.

“And that other thing was awful,” she said of Depp’s substance abuse. “Awful thing that would come out and take over and you couldn’t see the Johnny I loved underneath it.”

Notably, earlier in the trial, Depp testified that Heard pooped in the couple’s bed, and later tried to blame it on the pair’s dogs.

“They’re teacup Yorkies,” Depp testified, according to Entertainment Weekly. “They weigh about 4 pounds each. The photograph that I saw — I lived with those dogs for many years. It was not the dogs.”

Heard is expected to again take the stand on Thursday, fending off cross-examination by Depp’s legal team.

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