Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, who is running for Senate against Republican J.D. Vance, took a radical pro-choice stance when he suggested there should be no limits on when a woman can obtain an abortion.

Ryan defended Roe v. Wade during an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier on Wednesday, two days after a leaked draft of a Supreme Court majority opinion suggested the landmark abortion precedent could be overruled.

“I think what we had established in Roe is something that we can continue to work with, and I think those can be the parameters,” he said.

If the court does away with Roe, Ryan warned that states like Ohio would have “some of the most extreme laws in the whole country, where if you’re a young girl, and you have been raped or there has been incest that you can’t — you have to — the state, the government is going to force you to bring that baby to term and I don’t think that’s a fundamental value.”

Baier followed up, “My question was about any limits to abortion at any point, late-term, anything?”

“Look, you got to leave it up to the woman,” Ryan responded. “You and I sitting here can’t account for all of the different scenarios that a woman, dealing with the complexities of a pregnancy, are going through. How can you and I figure that out?”

Vance criticized Ryan’s position on abortion. 

“Here’s Kamala Harris stooge Tim Ryan defending abortion through 40 weeks. This is a barbaric position anywhere in the world (even European nations typically don’t allow abortion after 12 weeks). But it’s an especially radical position in Ohio,” he wrote on Twitter.

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