If there’s one thing the leak of the SCOTUS majority opinion draft on Roe v. Wade has taught us, it’s that the Dems and the mainstream media (apologies for the redundancy) have zero shame when it comes to changing their narrative to suit their agenda.

Actually, we knew that already and it looks like actor/comedian Rob Schneider did too:

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson claimed that she could not provide the meaning of the word “woman’ because she’s not a biologist:

We’re honestly still trying to wrap our heads around that exchange.

Oddly enough, California Governor Gavin Newsom doesn’t seem to have a problem with making the distinction between men and women, even though we’re pretty sure he’s also not a biologist.

People were quick to pick up on the hypocrisy.

Regardless of your opinion on the draft of a decision that hasn’t actually been handed down yet, it should be of concern to people on all sides of any issue how quickly the discourse of those in power will change in order to hang on to that power.

In light of Motherboards suggestion that women acquire horse pills in the event that the decision is overturned, here’s a fun little addendum to Rob’s tweet:

We see what you did there. And we like it.

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