Just in time for Mother’s Day, actress Sophie Turner went on record extolling the virtues of having children. The 26-year-old “Game of Thrones” alum is currently expecting her second baby with Joe Jonas. The pair already share a 20-month-old daughter, Willa.

“It’s what life is about for me — raising the next generation,” Turner told Elle UK in an interview. “The greatest thing in life is seeing my daughter go from strength to strength. We’re so excited to be expanding the family. It’s the best blessing ever.”

The actress, who is starring in the upcoming HBO Max crime drama “The Staircase,” also discussed how motherhood has made her less “cool,” but not necessarily in a bad way.

“I used to be so rock ’n’ roll and spontaneous,” she explained during the conversation. “I’m sure there’s a part of me that’s still like that, deep down. But becoming a mum, you just become way less cool. I’m like an old woman.”

Turner explained to her toddler daughter that she’s having a baby and that Willa will be a big sister, but the “Dark Phoenix” star doesn’t think Willa grasps the concept of a human sibling growing inside of her.

“I’ll point to my stomach and say, ‘What’s in there?’ And she’ll go, ‘Baby.’ But then she points to her own stomach and says, ‘Baby,’ and then she’ll point to her dad’s tummy and say, ‘Baby,’” the actress told Elle UK. 

“So, I think she just thinks that a belly is a baby and that’s the name for it. But she is a lot clingier than normal, so I think she has an idea. She wants Mummy all of the time – she’s claiming her territory.”

Turner made headlines in 2019 for her commitment to boycott projects that led her to work in states with pro-life legislation in place. 

Former co-star Jessica Chastain also signed the letter. “There’s a letter going around that I signed saying I’m not going to work in any state that denies rights for women, for the LGBTQ community, for anyone,” Chastain said. “I’m not going to work in a state that discriminates.”

“I have yet to tell my agents I signed it,” Turner added, according to CBS News. “They’re going to be like, ‘What? You can’t work in these states?’ Yeah, I can’t work in these states.”

That wasn’t the first time Turner made her thoughts on abortion known. The actress shared an image of a few alleged quotes on rape by several Republicans to Instagram and wrote in the caption: “Shame on you. Our bodies, our choice.”

She also said “luckily we’re moving on” after wrapping up filming “Game of Thrones” in Northern Ireland, a country with some of the strictest abortion restrictions in the world. 

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