Why don’t we take a break from Roe v. Wade coverage and check in with the lady who was — at the very least — partially responsible for locking your kids in their rooms for two years of looking at screens and not having a normal kind of routine and rhythm, shall wee?

You see, NOW she says this was a bad thing:

Here’s the full transcript from this 30 seconds of gaslighting that hits like a nuke:

Our kids are in crisis and we had a mental health crisis before Covid. But, with, and  Dr. Ang will talk about this far better than I do, but for two years of disruption, two years of looking at the screens, two years of not having a normal kind of routine and rhythm. Recovery is really tough.

We’re getting some major O.J. Simpson “If I did it vibes” from this one:

“IT WAS YOU. YOU DID THIS,” we’re all shouting in unison:

Maybe one day this crime will be solved?

In meme form:

And this one is good, too:

Maybe kids weren’t so resilient after all?

From former SC Gov. Nikki Haley:

“This is such nonsense. The teachers unions pushed Biden to keep schools closed, masked our kids, and kept parents out of classrooms. Now they’re making excuses and treating us like we don’t know better.”

History should not and hopefully will not be kind to what Rand Weingarten and her union pals did during the pandemic:

And you just know this is coming: The only way to solve this problem is “MORE billions to teachers’ union and the Democrats”:

How about, “NOPE!”?


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