Joe Rogan reacted to the leaked draft from the Supreme Court indicating the Roe v. Wade decision could likely be overturned and said while’s for a “woman’s right to chose,” there’s a “big difference” when it comes to late-term abortions.

During “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Wednesday, the host spoke with guest comedian Doug Stanhope and reiterated that he thinks it’s “weird people telling other people” what they can do with their bodies. However, Rogan added as a human “observing things,” anyone pretending there’s not a “big difference” between early and late term abortions is weakening the pro-abortion rights argument.

“So apparently abortion’s illegal again right,” Rogan asked, as he told his guest about the leaked Supreme Court opinion. The podcast host said it means it will go back to the states to make a decision about abortions and called it “f***ing weird.”

“It’s weird people telling other people what they can and can’t do with their bodies is weird because like Texas is a weird law,” Rogan shared. “No, I shouldn’t say weird law, terrible law. Six weeks. Who the f*** knows they are pregnant at six weeks.”

“I don’t like people telling other people what they can and can’t do, but it gets weird when the baby gets like six months old,” Rogan continued. “You know, it gets weird when they are really, really pregnant. Because I know some states … have late-term abortions, sometimes you need one for medical reasons.”


“Should I be able to shoot [you] at three cause I don’t want to take care of you anymore?” he added. “I am 100% for a woman’s right to choose. But as a human being, just as a person observing things, there’s a big difference between a little clump of cells and a fetus with an eyeball and a beating heart. And for anybody to pretend there’s not, you’re not doing any argument …”

Stanhope responded by asking, “But where do you draw the line?”

Rogan called it a complicated, “human issue” and “so political.”

Later in the show, Rogan talked about how “damn polarized” he said the country is, slamming the idea that he’s a “far-Right guy” and said people have forgotten all we agree on, like safety and being able to take of our family.

“What the f*** is going on?” the podcaster asked. “Like, everybody is losing their mind. How am I a far-Right guy? A guy who almost voted for Bernie Sanders. A guy who smokes a lot of weed. A guy who grew up on welfare. Like, I’m not. This is not real. You guys are crazy.”

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