Foggy Joe Biden recently tried to equate the Supreme Court’s decision to POSSIBLY send abortion back to the states to decide with banning gay kids from classrooms. Huh? That’s insane. The only thing dumber was what he said immediately afterward: “Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history. In recent American history.”

Joe’s insane “point” is that if the Supreme Court can kick the decision of abortion to the states, the next step may be to kick gay kids out of class.

This seems crazy to you and me, but it absolutely makes sense to the far left wackjobs who have a permanent address in Victimville.

But let’s focus on the comment about the MAGA crowd being the most extreme political group in recent history. If Biden thinks the MAGA peeps are extreme, he should have a look at what Black Lives Matter and their Antifa sisters have been up to in “recent history.”

Here is 69-year-old MAGA granny Lois McNicoll being LET INTO THE CAPITOL by four Capitol police, including one who is holding the door for the “extreme” MAGA peeps.

The lad below is Ryan Howe. He has a face for radio. He is also in federal prison for rioting. He is #Antifa. He is #Communist. He is not alone. Don’t believe me? Just ask him.

Let’s compare the Jan. 6 protest to all of Antifa’s and BLM’s destruction. According to Real Clear Investigations, there is no comparison.

  • We don’t know how many people showed up for Trump’s Jan. 6 speech, but Trump said it was the largest crowd he had ever seen. After it was over, there was roughly $1.5 million worth of broken windows and other damages to the Capitol. The Antifa/BLM riots incurred between $1 billion and $2 billion in damages nationwide.
  • Antifa and BLM used guns and firebombs against police during the riots for pious George Floyd. Neither were used by “MAGA extremists” on Jan. 6.
  • Antifa and BLM burned and smashed thousands of buildings, 700 of them in Minnesota alone. None of this happened on Jan. 6.
  • The Democrats, not the “ultra MAGA crowd,” pushed to defund the police, which has resulted in a record number of nationwide murders.

There are way more arguments to show that Biden is lying and perhaps even trying to rally his street thugs, who have a “recent history” of violence and extremism.

  • Rand Paul and his wife were surrounded by an angry, vicious mob who called Paul’s wife a “racist whore.” Police had to escort them to safety. “Mobs are terrifying,” Kelley Paul recalled. “They looked at us with no humanity, just a vicious and righteous zeal. After that, I just kept my eyes down and prayed.”
  • BLM thugs have pulled numerous innocent drivers from their vehicles and pummelled them.
  • James T. Hodgkinson, a fan of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and tried to shoot other Republican members of Congress on a baseball field.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia simply because she’s a conservative.
  • Leftists have released the home addresses of the Supreme Court’s conservative justices. The White House had nothing to say about it.
  • Biden had federal employees fired if they didn’t get a shot that didn’t do everything Dr. Anthony Fauci said it would do for a virus that is 98.8% survivable (way more when you consider that the feds don’t know how many people have had COVID).
AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

These are just a few things the “extreme commies” have done in “recent history.”

Biden’s recent accusation about MAGA people is a sad comment from an old man, but that old man is currently the president of the most powerful nation in the world. His Department of Justice (DOJ) is keeping non-violent protestors locked up in appalling conditions. His toadies will now decide what is and isn’t truth. Anyone who disagrees will be crushed.

Biden knows that what he is saying is a lie, but it’s a lie the entire left uses to demonize us every chance they get. If you’re reading this article, there is a good chance leftist, commie jackpuddings consider you a racist, Nazi, bigot, ultra-MAGA whatever-o-phobe. This gives them the “moral right” to pull you from your car and kick you into a coma. Just ask Joe.

Twitter suspended the New York Post for posting a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop that other newspapers later verified. Let’s see what happens to a man who’s calling for the assassination of two Supreme Court Justices.

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